Writer’s Block

In the midst of assignment season, I have been stuck trying to write a 2000 word piece on whatever I want…eek! My only problem with this is I find it difficult to channel all of my creative ideas into one that will work for what I need to do. Without a prompt, I find my mind goes wild and I’m stuck not writing anything at all! After finally finishing my piece (days later), I have a few tips for any writers that have struggled with the dreaded writer’s block.


  1. Plan

The only reason I find my way out the creative abyss is by learning how to properly plan out my work. This is incredibly important for any type of writing (fiction, non-fiction, critical writing) and will help to give you focus. Once you have focus, you can move forward in your story, build your characters and support your ideas!


  1. Get outside! 

Moving your body is great for stimulating your mind, especially when you spend the majority of your day sitting in front of a laptop. Getting outside can also give you inspiration; you could drive or walk by something that makes a great idea for a story. It’s the little things that spark all of our creative genius!


  1. Try a new idea

Do you find yourself always writing in the same genre? Why don’t you try something new! If you’re a fiction writer who constantly writes in the sci-fi genre, try writing a romance, or something for younger readers possibly. Non-fiction pieces can be really engaging, and creative non-fiction could always incorporate your style and help you expand your skills! Think outside of your regular parameters and write something new.


  1. Write through it!

Just start writing! Instead of aimlessly staring at your laptop (or journal if you’re a hardcopy writer), just start writing. If ideas are hard to come by, just write what comes into your head. Chances are, you’ll come across something you like to write about, something that you want to say, or surprise yourself with a great idea. (Stream of consciousness writing is also very popular in poetry, give it a try!)


  1. Have a break

If you’re constantly writing or working and your mind is overwhelmed, just take a break! Make sure you have a dedicated writing space that you can walk away from, and walk away from it. Your mind is the space where you keep all of your ideas; it’s the place where us writers create and shape characters, whole worlds really, and sometimes, you need a break. Don’t be afraid to take one. Your writing with thank you afterwards.


Though this is what works best for me, it might not be for you. Let me know if you’re stuck with writer’s block and how you get yourself out of the infamous rut below!


What I’m wanting to read but don’t have enough time to read: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

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