Books on the Rail!

I’m very excited about this wonderful project! Until recently, I wasn’t regularly commuting to and from the city, and I didn’t realise the amount of people that are glued to their devices during their trips. I didn’t realise this because I too, of course, am glued to my phone, searching through music to drown out the sounds of the train jolting over the tracks at peak hour.

But if I were to look down and find a copy of a book, I would definitely be excited. Those who know me well can account for my love of books; not once have I walked past a bookstore and not gone inside (this was particularly difficult in Tokyo as there is an entire town dedicated to books – *excited noises*).

After reading Ali and Mich’s startup journey and their brilliant idea to bring Books on the Underground from London to Melbourne, I can only congratulate them (and signup to be a book ninja).

So often I find that I’ve finished reading a book and I just need to share it with the world, and need to find someone to discuss it with immediately! This is a brilliant way that people can share their wonderful reads, and hopefully it will get people interested in reading again.

Now I know people will say that they don’t have the time to read or can’t fit it into their daily schedules, and I know, I struggle to myself. I’m not even halfway on my Goodreads reading challenge this year *sigh*. Though I think this would be a great way to catch up and to diversify my reading and I’m hoping that everyone can see the positivity in this project.


Check them out here and signup to be a book ninja here.


I’m still yet to find a book on the rail, but I will definitely be keeping an eye out for that special sticker! Let me know if you’ve found any books, or even just what you’re reading at the moment.


‘Til next time!


Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 2.53.07 pm.png
Photo Credit: Books on the Rail




Still too busy to read but really want to read: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (conveniently found in the photo above…)