Marketing: A Really Simple Guide

Having worked alongside the team at Busybird for around two months now, I have been surrounded by new ideas and the ins and outs of the publishing industry. Aside from it being incredibly fascinating to learn more about the publishing world and how editorial work fits into that scheme, I’ve also picked up on other aspects that are of course integral to publishing a book and creating a financially viable business.

I’ve mentioned in a previous post about Busybird that I really enjoy how their business works; I’ve focused on editing as a full time role for my future and am now considering that I might prefer something that gives me a chance to move around and try new things, especially to give my eyes a rest from staring at my computer screen all day (which is of course happening right now…). This new venture is a dabble into the world of marketing.

What do I know about marketing, you ask? Well, last week I had the fantastic opportunity to sit in on a meeting. This meeting was focused on marketing Busybird in 2017 and how to best achieve all of their goals and – without sharing all of their secrets! – I would like to pass on some of that wisdom.

Here are three important things to remember and focus on when marketing yourself or your business:

Set goals

If you’ve thought about creating a marketing plan, the first thing to consider is what you want to achieve and how long you are giving yourself to achieve it. Do you want to have your business name known? Do you want to attract a certain number of clients? It can be something simple, like reaching 300 likes on your Facebook page, or getting 1000 people to sign up to your e-newsletter. You have to set goals to be able to reach them, though always ensure that your goals reflect where you would like to be in the time frame that you’ve selected.

Be realistic

A massive downfall for new businesses or inexperienced entrepreneurs is that they are overzealous about the reality of them achieving their goals. To have a dream of achieving a huge milestone is fantastic, but you need to be realistic about how you are going to achieve what you’ve set out to achieve. The time frame here is also important; if you want to gain 1000 people to your e-newsletter subscription and you’re only meeting a handful of people once a month, you would be looking at a few years before this goal is a reality. Be realistic about your goals and you will achieve them and set new ones quicker.

Know your brand

Who are you? What does your business look like? Do you have a solid font chosen for your advertising material? These are all questions that are easily answered when you’ve figured out how to appropriately market your business. The most important thing (apart from the above two steps) is that you have a constant brand. Your audience needs to be able to find and remember who you are and they need to be aware of what you are doing. Use your work to market directly to your audience, and use tools that will best promote your work. If you are running a company that owns tennis courts and you’re looking for people to invest in the future of young tennis players, hand out pens with tennis balls as key-rings (I know I would definitely want one of those if I was at all interested in sport). Know your brand, and your audience will follow.



What I’m currently reading: Game of Thrones Book Four – A Feast for Crows

(Yes, I finally finished book three part two!)

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