Why books are the best Christmas present…

I am a big believer that no one can have too many books. Whether they’re fiction, biographies, pop-up books or a classic novel, every book makes a great gift.

The fantastic thing about giving books as presents (and they’re incredibly versatile and will work for ANY time a present is a necessity) is that you can tailor them to the person you’re giving them to! If they’re into sport, you can choose a biography of one of their favourite players – a signed copy would also be a bonus. This works for really any celebrity that the gift-receiver likes or you think would like. If they don’t read much, buy them a hardcover classic with a beautiful design – they’ll thank you for making their house/room that little bit fancier.

One of my favourite things about books is that they can honestly change your life. They can, and will, alter the way you think about a certain subject, and will open your eyes to a million different characters. I’ve lost count of how many books I’ve read (trying to catch up on my Goodreads account), though each one of them has shown me a different part of myself. It’s no surprise that I love to travel, and reading is an escape for me as it is for many others. I get to travel around the world and live in exotic places all from the comfort of my beanbag (the most comfortable place I have found for day-long reading stunts).

Books are easy to find, and most of the time aren’t that expensive. If you short on cash, visit our Lord and Saviour Kmart for all new and big titles, BUT you must always visit your local bookshop. They need our help to survive, and it’s more than likely that whoever is working will be a great help when choosing a gift.

To all my friends and family, expect books this Christmas!


*I was a little sneaky and put Verandah 31 in the photo above, which is now available as an eBook! Buy it here.

What I’m currently reading: Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes – the sequel to You.